Our Philosophy:

The PURItech GmbH distinguishes itself through many years of experience in the field of exhaust gas treatment and emission reduction technologies applied with diesel engines. With innovative, market-driven and reliable high-quality products, PURItech is considered to be a top specialist for the treatment of exhaust gas in the European market. As a niche supplier we intend to provide our international customers not only innovative reliable products for challenging requirements but more importantly to provide our customer a center of excellence to ensure a professional service and advice for both On- and Non-Road vehicles and equipment. A powerful team of experts are with PURItech since its beginning and covers all competencies necessary to design and make quality products and solutions. It is our passion to please our customers with top leading emission products coupled with a highly professional advice and support. As an ISO certified company we are challenging our capabilities on a permanent basis and are eager for continuous innovation and improvements of our processes which lead to better quality and even higher customer satisfaction. Since the beginning PURItech pursues longterm partnerships which are based on mutual faith. We have been working with well known international companies from different industries over a decade which underpins the faith of our customers in the performance and reliability of PURItech. A valuable credit of our customers we are passionately working hard day by day to providing first class emission products made in Germany. 


Our Goals:

“Our products are made to achieve the highest operational standards for the protection of mankind and the environment.”

“Our goal is to break new ground with innovative and highly-efficient products in emission technology!”