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Eminox and PURItech join forces to reduce diesel bus emissions


At the VERT Forum on March 15th; PURItech of Germany and UK-based Eminox Limited, announced a new partnership to help reduce diesel emissions in Germany.The news comes as 28 air quality regions, which include more than 60 municipalities across Germany, take action to reduce pollution.The government has committed €150m, as part of the €1bn funding programme Clean air 2017-2020, to upgrade city buses using retrofit technology such as the Eminox SCRT® system to comply with Euro 6 emission standards and reduce NO2 emissions accordingly. This is all in a bid to provide cleaner air in urban environments.Eminox is established as the leading designer and manufacturer of SCRT technology for Europe, which has seen thousands of vehicles retrofitted to reduce Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) by up to 99% and Particulate Matter (PM) by 95%. It is proven to work in congested and urban environments, where pollution of often highest.Using this experience, combined with PURItech’s advanced knowledge of aftertreatment systems for commercial vehicles and the experience with the German bus market, the companies can meet the demands of bus operators in German cities, delivering real world emissions reduction, in line with the KBA approval scheme.SCRT technology incorporates a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), oxidation catalyst (DOC) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). Using AdBlue and sophisticated active emission control, harmful emissions such as PM, Hydrocarbons (HC) and NOx are transformed into harmless gasses and water.Retrofit technology is the most cost-effective solution to upgrading legacy vehicles to the latest standards, to meet BMVI, BMUM criteria approved by KBA.The combination of PURItech’s Aftertreatment expertise as already well-established connections, countrywide sales and service channels in Germany along with Eminox’s expertise in system design allows the two companies to provide Eminox engineered technology with local service and support from PURItech.Carlos Vicente, Retrofit Sales Director for Eminox, said: “The combined efforts of both PURItech and Eminox will provide an efficient solution to reducing city bus pollution across Germany. Retrofit technology will allow operators to upgrade their vehicles whilst benefitting from a share of the €150m funding from the largest European retrofit funding programme.”Bernhard Kahlert, CEO for PURItech, said: “This new partnership means that PURItech capability will be backed by Eminox expertise and resources in design, to help both new and existing customers achieve a cleaner fleet with a compelling total cost of ownership ratio.“PURItech has a longstanding experience with local German bus operators, providing strong engineering skills for our exiting DPF based product range.“The funding scheme, means that bus operators will be able to benefit from great support by the government to upgrade their fleet to Euro VI standards with the trust and knowledge that we will be there to support their project from day one.”

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